Welcome to Networking Warriors of America

Wounded Warriors helping Wounded Warriors get your/our benefits.

8 Responses to Welcome to Networking Warriors of America

  1. Paul Thurman says:

    Al T. you have created a great resource based site and it has helped lots of veterans in need, I am proud to be a fellow veteran of yours. An most of all thank you for connecting me to the wonderful things that you offer to better my life with dealing with TBI and PTSD and Post Traumatic Seizure Disorder as well. Thanks and I look forward to meeting you more often friend. Thanks.

  2. Your organization launched a great venture for worth cause. I also recommend advocate contacts at national level, military components (WW program) and corporation (WW project). The workload is too much for one person, group or organization.

  3. Michael Hassell says:

    Al, You are the most knowledgeable person I have spoken too on INCAP pay. Thanks for the information and dedication!!!

  4. I support your endeavors as Veteran Advocate and one of those which you speak about. Maybe, I mention that I am not surprise at the current situations for OEF, OEF and OND Veterans. Over 20 years ago, I became critical ill after Gulf War (1989-1990).I continued on Active Duty without medical explanations of the multisymptom illnesses, multisystem disease (Sarcoidosis) and eventually Traumatic Brain Injury. Prior to Military Retirement, I also completed medical boards, MMRB, MEB and PEB (1999-2000). Based upon separation authority (TERA), I retired without transitional activities and correct VASRD (2001).

    Later on, I also functioned as Advocate in Air Force and Army Community. I saw battles that you would not imagine. This was front end of the Wounded Warrior initiatives amongst Executive branches, Military components, National organizations and Private Industry.

    Really, you, as a business owner, veteran or advocate, do not need to consult with federal programs and private industry or nonprofit organizations. That is the strange thing or surprising event about it all!

    As a Retired Military Veteran and Federal Executive, I understand governances and guidelines at highest level, commands and Executive orders. I encourage you in the dedicated service and commitment in the worthy cause. Matter of fact, I also correspond with State representative (Senator William Burr). I received two letter on today.

    I available so let me know if you need assistance! Thanks again for your Service to Country and America’s Promise.

  5. Loretta,

    With what you are telling me here and your father going to your senator… you are moving in the right direction. This being said you and your father need to be “Dress-Right-Dress” with the regulations in order to demonstrate to your senator that your unit has in fact pushed you to the side and neglected to provide you with the care as directed my law IAW 37 USC paragraphs 204 and 206; DoDD 1241.01 and DoDD 1241.02; AR 135-381; NGB 135-381; and DA PAM 135-381 just to name a few…

    You will need to refer to when and where they failed you as per the regs. Also note… IAW these references… they state that negligence is not and excuse for filing and processing a claim. Make sure you include this statement from the references and ref to it when your father is with your senator.

    I hope this help? If you have any questions call me.

    By the way… who is you senator?


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