Welcome to Networking Warriors of America

Wounded Warriors helping Wounded Warriors get your/our benefits.

T.O.P.S. 2014 Scheduled for 26-27 September 2014.

The date is getting closer and things are gearing up.  The community of Hickory Creek and the Lake Dallas area are “All” engaged wanting to make this the best ever T.O.P.S. event.

So it’s time to do your part and you can in 1 of 3 ways.

  • 1st, if you are a military warrior and want to participate and or just want to volunteer and help out, contact us immediately by emailing us at artelese@networkingwarriors.org; or by calling (972) 467-2625.
  • 2nd, volunteer to help in any way you can.  Volunteers are always welcome and you can call Hickory Creek City Hall at (940) 497-2528 and ask for Sidney.

3rd, You can participate in our “ADOPT A SOLDIER” program as shown below.AdptSldr_Aug14_002This program is designed for you to be a part of T.O.P.S. 2014 even though you might not be able to be physically here for it.  When you and or your company donate to adopt a  soldier your donation will go directly to pay for that soldier’s hotel lodging, food, and transportation cost for this event. 

What can you get out of Adopting A Soldier?

  • Recognition for you and or your company or both.  And if you and or your company have a hat or shirt that you would like for them to wear… all you have to do is let us know and we will coordinate to get if from you and present it to your soldier during the opening ceremony.
  • Also prior to the event you will know who your soldier is by name.
  • Pictures of your soldier during the opening ceremony and pairing event.  As well as pictures during the weight-in and awards ceremonies.  We will ensure that we coordinate with you in order to get these pictures to you right after the event for your use and display.

And if you and your company cannot Adopt a Soldier at this time, any and all donations will help and will go towards directly to help the for hotel lodging, food, and transportation for the T.O.P.S. 2014 event.     And as you know… your donations are all tax deductible.

Make Checks To:     Networking Warriors of America.
Send Then To:     8400 Fisher Drive, Frisco Texas 75033-6253

And Remember that all Donations are Tax Deductible

 So come out and support our military warriors and see what the community and the  Town of Hickory Creek are doing as they show their support and appreciation to our warriors. 

Watch For More Updates and additional information pertaining to T.O.P.S. 2014 and other activities out on our events and Updates pages.  Follow and visit Networking Warriors of America often at: http://www.networkingwarrior.org/events

4 Responses to Welcome to Networking Warriors of America

  1. HAROLD BURNS says:


    • Harold,

      Thanks for listening to Big Billy Kinder and coming to this website. As for Billy… He’s a great American hero in my book especially for all he does supporting our men and women of our armed forces. That being said, the program “Adopt A Soldier” is a new program designed just for T.O.P.S. 2014. Which stands for TX-OK Patriot Shootout.

      And that’s exactly what this event is. A shoot-out. It’s a bass fishing shootout between 30 returning wounded soldiers (15 from Texas, 15 from Oklahoma) fishing for bragging rights. But more important, its some really great community based out-door therapy out fishing with the some serious bass pros.

      This year is our 3rd annual soldier fishing event here on Lewisville Lake hosted by the Town of Hickory Creek Texas, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Town of Lake Dallas, VFW Post 10460 in Lake Dallas, and many, many other local communities and individuals like yourself.

      As for the program, Adopt A Soldier, by adopting a soldier you help us ensure that a soldier is able to come to this event and enjoy a great weekend of bass fishing with some exciting bass pros from around Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Your donation goes directly to pay for their hotel lodging, their meals, and their transportation while here for the event. And with your donation, you will receive the name, or names of the soldiers you adopt along with their bio and pictures of them during the event. It’s a great way to participate in this event even if you cannot be here for you’ll know who you are supporting. To me… That’s important.

      So Harold, I hope I answered your question. Keep watching our website for I will be posting updates about T.O.P.S the rest of this week and then again the week after.


      Al Telese
      Networking Warriors of America

  2. mr. Al Telese thank you very much for you time. looking forward to working with. your information in my case is a great access to me! Thanks again look forward to talking to you !tony contreras…

  3. Michael Hassell says:

    Al, You are the most knowledgeable person I have spoken too on INCAP pay. Thanks for the information and dedication!!!

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