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T.O.P.S. 2014 Ends in a Clincher as the Warriors from the Lone Star State of Texas win the Bragging Rights and take the Title

But Without a Doubt… THEY ARE ALL WINEERS!
Here is our field of Pros & Warriors for T.O.P.S. 2014

T.O.P.S. 2014 Field of Pros & Warriors

Texas edges out over Oklahoma by a mere .18 lbs.  And so… the Bragging Right and Title for T.O.P.S. 2014 goes to The Lone Star State of TEXAS!

Congratulations guys. You guys deserve it. Bragg all you want. Tell that story about the 1 that got away… You won it, and you deserve it.  Congratulations!

   TX winsTOPS14     (Note in order)  Ben, Jay, Tim, Jeremiah, Ben, Greg, Fabian, Jason, Kelsey, Omar, Mario, Randy, Ty, & Ryan


Watch For More Updates and additional information pertaining to T.O.P.S. and other activities out on our events and Updates pages. 


Send Then To:     8400 Fisher Drive, Frisco Texas 75033-6253

And Remember that all Donations are Tax Deductible


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