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Military Wounded & Disabled Service Members Helping other Military Wounded & Disabled Service Members Obtain the Benefits they Earned and Are Entitled to.  And much, much more…..




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If you’ like to help… We would appreciate any and all help and support you can offer no matter how large or small. 

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8400 Fisher Drive, Frisco Texas 75033-6253

We appreciate any help and support you can offer no matter how small or large.  Any and all Donations are Tax Deductible and Confidential.


Follow and visit Networking Warriors of America often at: http://www.networkingwarrior.org

2 Responses to Welcome to Networking Warriors of America

  1. Luis E. Rivera says:

    Hi, my name is Luis E. Rivera, TSgt in the Air Force. I arrived from deployment on February 2015 and got paid twice, 6 months the first time then waited a whole year to get paid the other 6 months. Right now they owe me 11 months pay which it seems ridiculous. I can’t figure out why the Air Force takes so long to pay someone in incap-pay?…financially speaking I am in a bad situation….can someone tell me how to go about finding help so the Air Force can pay me what I’m owed. Thanks anticipated.

    • TSgt Rivera,

      Unfortunately the AF is not in any hurry to take care of your injuries nor your financial situation for some reason now that you are hurt and not of benefit to them! Every AFSM that I’ve worked with has had to fight tooth and nail to get their benefits! All I can tell you is to keep the faith. You also need to email at artelese@networkingwarriors.org so we can discuss your situation in more detail.


      A. Telese

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