INCAP PAY and Allowances Now On Website

There is now New and Helpful information on the website of Newtworking Warriors of American pertaining to the INCAP Pay and Allowances Benefits Program for all Military Service Members neeing this information.

This evening we at Networking Warriors of American posted new information that a lot of you have been asking for.  Information on Incapacitation Pay and Allowance, how and when to apply.  This information has been taken from all the resources published resources addressing this subject.  It references the law as stated ion 37 USC 204, and 206.  Supplemented by Department of Defense Directives (DoDD 1241.1) and Department of Defense Instructions (DoDI 1241.2) which are the primary references for our military services to follow and implement.

It’s unfortunate that in most situations, discussed to date that most of our military commands and commanders are not following the mandates set forth by law.  The information contained will help and assist you to do their job since they won’t until forced to.

Rest assured that if you are having problems in this are… we can ensure that your congressman and your senators are informed of these violations and total disregard for your well-being.

Contact us here at Networking Warriors of American if you are having problems and need some assistance.

I am hoping that this information will be of help and assistance to the many that have called requesting information and for those of you that haven’t called yet… here it is.

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