Who Are We and What Do We Do…

Networking Warriors of America

Founded by Veterans working for Veterans.

….. Making Sense of It All, 1 Warrior at a time…

     Our Primary Focus:     Providing the necessary training, instruction, and mentorship to any and all military service members determined unfit for further military service due to injury, illness, and or disease and that are being processed out of the military through the military’s Disability Evaluation System (DES) processes. Commonly referred to as the Med-Board.  

 SMWeb2_Jul14       Confusing is not the word for it…     

We ensure our service members/our warriors know, understand, and exercise their rights as established under the law and military regulations, policy and procedures in order to receive their benefits.

     In Addition we work within our communities providing “Community Based” Outdoor Therapy Events promoting a fun and relaxed environment specifically designed in scope and activity to assist our military warriors in their health and healing processes. 

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No Pressure;  No Fuss,  just Plain Old Fun with lots of laughs and making new friends along the way!

They are designed to meet our warriors’ needs, expectations, and activities that they once enjoyed.     Such as fishing, hunting, basketball, football, baseball, and many other similar type activities…..

crowell hunt 5-7 201  _dsc1443-99431755  IMG_0394  photo  IMG_0402    All Designed to bring the warriors back out and into the community they live in….

Finally, weNetwork” with various other support organization that “Actually Provide” the help and services our warriors need and require minimizing referral after referral if at all possible.

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Thank You,

Alphonse R. Telese
President/C.E.O., Networking Warriors of America